Thursday, July 20, 2017

Expecting a delivery? . . .

 Are you expecting a delivery? September and October are the most popular months for baby births. If you're expecting, now's the time to get your baby book ready for Grandmas or GG's (Great Grandmas). You know how Grandmas love to show off their Grands!

Gypsy Soul is ready with adorable baby laser cuts. Couldn't resist using them in this baby book.

After building this 8" X 6" mini from scratch, I chose a few of my favorite laser cuts to use on the cover and spine.

The spine: I incorporated a String Along for the spine. These String Alongs have so much potential and it was the perfect size for the book spine. Here are the steps for decorating the String Along:

  1. Paint the entire String Along with your favorite acrylic paint. I used a burnished gold.
  2. Apply Art Glitter Glue to the left side of the moon. While the adhesive is still wet, sprinkle seed beads on top of the glue. Let dry.
  3. Apply Art Glitter Glue to the stars. While the adhesive is still wet, sprinkle silver crushed glass glitter to the stars. Let dry.
  4. Apply to spine with Beacon Fabri-Tac.
Why Art Glitter Glue? It dries clear. Perfectly clear. Without any shine. It's the best adhesive I've found for beads and glitter. 

For the cover, I chose a couple of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts:

  1. Cut banner to desired length.
  2. Apply Art Glitter Glue to each *flag*. While the adhesive is still wet, sprinkle your favorite glitter on top and let dry.
  3. I used silver glass glitter glue for one and some blue sparkly glitter I found in my stash for the other.

Baby Book Title:
  1. Paint the entire title in silver acrylic paint.
  2. Once the paint is dry, add Aleene's Paper Glaze (or similar) on top of the letters. Let glaze dry.
  3. Add Art Glitter Glue to the feet and baby pin.
  4. Sprinkle with crushed gold glitter glass.
I've used some of the new Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts baby pieces on a few of the inside pages as well. Here's a couple of examples:

Little Dreamer: Of course, this piece can be used to decorate a scrapbook layout or book cover, although I chose to use it as a belly band.
  1. Paint Little Dreamer words with bronze acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Add VersaMark to the moon. Sprinkle with gold embossing powder and heat emboss.
  3. Add Art Glitter Glue to the stars. While still wet, sprinkle with gold glitter. Let dry.
  4. Paint the cloud with white acrylic. Using two shades of Distress Ink pads and finger tip sponge, pounce ink on top of the cloud.
  5. Glue to page (only the sides if you're using as a belly band).

For this page I used a Gypsy Soul Laser Cut Deco Punch Element to close a page that includes fold-outs and flips.

  1. Paint the background of the punch element with gold acrylic paint.
  2. Punch a design from paper (1" round punch fits the top piece perfectly). Adhere to top circle.
  3. Adhere the top circle to the background punch element piece.
  4. Create a *flag* with a piece of scrap paper. 
  5. Fold the flag over a large paper clip.
  6. Attach the deco punch element to the flag.
  7. Add liquid pearls to the background of the punch element.
  8. Use the paper clip to close any flips or fold-outs you use in your mini-books.

Flourished Heart Frame: This two piece frame is appropriate for so many occasions. Here I used it to decorate a pocket page.

I adore the layers!

  1. Paint the lower layer in your favorite acrylic paint color
  2. Paint the top layer in a clear crackle paint. Let dry.
  3. Using Prima's waxes, apply a gold wax over the crackle paint.

Special Delivery page: How cute is this stork! And so appropriate whether you birth your own babies or adopt . . .

  1. Paint *Special Delivery* with gold acrylic paint.
  2. Pounce gesso on top of the stark to create texture. Let dry.
  3. Add Prima's Opal Magic Blue-Gold paint on top of the gesso. Let dry.
  4. Add paper to the baby bag and tie a ribbon on top.
  5. Using the Feathers Shape Set, paint 3 feather with gold acrylic. Let dry.
  6. Adhere feathers to the back of the stork. 

If you stuck with me through this long-winded blog post, thank you so much.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Floral Bird Reverse Canvas by Sandy Trefger

Hello everyone! Sandy here with a quick and easy step by step tutorial on how to create a reverse canvas piece to hang on your wall. You can create this with any regular blank canvas but rather than work on the front side, you work on the back side. 

So gather your supplies and let's get started!  Here's the list of supplies that I used:

  • 8 x 10 canvas
  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Scribble Frame Leaves D12G * New Item Coming Soon
  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Birds on Key Wall Art D87D
  • Art Basics Heavy White Gesso
  • Nuvo Embellishment Mousse in Lemon Sorbet, Spring Green, Aquamarine, Cosmic Brown, Indian Gold and Black Ash
  • Texturez Artie Choked Green Paint
  • Crackle Accents
  • Emboss It Dabber
  • Stampendous Gold Embossing Flakes
  • Wow! Peppermint Tea Embossing Powder
  • Black Soot Distress Ink
  • Tim Holtz Wildflower Paper
  • Jute Twine
  • Prima metal ring findings
  • 49 and Market Vintage Shade flowers "Ecru Bouquet" and "Blue"
  • Beacon 3-in-1 Glue
Step 1:  Paint the back inside and the outer frame of the canvas with white Gesso.  Also paint the chipboard pieces.  Allow to dry completely.

Step 2: Rub Indian Gold Nuvo Embellishment Mousse onto the key.

Step 3:  Rub Cosmic Brown embellishment mousse on to the tails and bellies of the birds.

Step 4:  Also rub Cosmic Brown on to the vines of the Scribble Frame.

Step 5:  Rub Black Ash embellishment mousse on to the head and backs of the birds.  Tip: Use a damp baby wipe to help rub the mousse on and to remove any dark spots.

Step 6:  Rub Spring Green embellishment mousse on to the leaves of the Scribble frame.

Step 7:  Use a baby wipe to rub different shades of the Spring Green & Lemon Sorbet embellishment mousse on to the canvas to create the background.  Also rub some of the mousse on to the wood part of the canvas frame.

Step 8:  Also rub on some Aquamarine embellishment mousse to the canvas background and the wood frame.

Step 9:  Lightly brush paint the leaves with Texturez "Artie Choked" texture paint.  Dab some of the texture paint on to the canvas with a baby wipe.

Step 10:  Select and cut out a section of patterned paper, tatter the edges, ink if desired and fold crimp the edges a bit.  Glue down into the center of the canvas.  Add a good coat of Crackle Accents and attach the Scribble frame down over the patterned image and add Crackle Accent to the leaves and vines.

Step 11:  Measure and cut four strips of paper to cover the frame part of the canvas.  Miter cut the corners, glue to the frame and coat with Crackle Accents.  Allow to dry completely.

Step 12:  While the frame piece is drying, work on your birds and key.  Use an Embossing Dabber to add embossing ink and heat set gold embossing flakes on the key.

Step 13:  Again use the embossing dabber and emboss blue/green embossing powder ( I used Wow! Peppermint Tree) on to the bird heads and backs.

Step 14:  Use Beacon 3-in-1 glue to attach the birds and key to the bottom of the frame as shown.

Step 15:  Wrap jute twine around the bottom of the canvas and tie into a bow.

Step 16:  Glue an arrangement of flowers into the canvas piece and on to the lower left corner of the frame.  Also glue one flower to the top right corner. (Not shown)

Step 17:  Strategically add embossing ink and some of the gold embossing flakes to the birds, leaves and canvas background.  You may also add some on to the flowers.  Set with a heat gun.

Step 18:  Glue Prima metal findings to the top edge of the frame with Beacon 3-in-1 glue. Allow to dry completely.

Step 19:  Tie a length of the twine to the metal findings to create a hanger for your canvas.

It's finished and ready to hang or your wall or to give to someone special.

Thank you for following along with my Reverse Canvas tutorial for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  You'll find lots of great chipboard pieces and sets to use on a Reverse Canvas for any occasion.  Just click on the store link above to browse around.

I'll be back on August 2nd with another fabulous project using Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chippies. In fact, it's already on my work table!  Please check out my blog/website for more of my craft projects at:

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pretty 1:12 Scale Bed

Ooh, I love working in the classic doll house scale of 1:12! For those who aren't familiar with 1:12 scale, the explanation is that every foot of measurement equals an inch. So if your sofa in real life is eight feet long, it will be eight inches long in a dolls house.
Here is the latest edition to my ongoing dolls house project. A pretty little bed, fit for well, just about anyone who likes pretty little beds!
And a picture without the mattress...
I started out with the Standard Bed 1 to 12 .
I glued the Filigree to the head and foot board of the bed, being mindful that the filigree goes on the inside of the head board and the outside of the foot board. I also glued some legs on to give the bed a bit more height. (just used some scrap chipboard to do this)
I gave everything a good coat of white paint and dry fit it together.
After making sure everything fit together well, I took it apart and painted the filigree green using a bit of paper towel to lightly dab the paint on. A sponge would work well, too.
 After the green paint dried, I glued the bed together and used a rubber band to hold it firmly in place whilst it dried.
I also glued the bed skirt ( a bit of lace from my stash) onto the inside of the bed railing.
After everything dried, I added the detail to the head board and foot board by piping Liquid Pearls on the filigree and let the scrolly design influence where I applied the paint.
Dimensional fabric paint also works well here.
I extended the detail on to the smooth parts of the head boards as well and also the side slats. I think it looks more finished this way.
This bed also comes in half scale, which is half inch to the foot. This was so much fun, I may make the smaller one as well! Thank you for stopping by!
 A little secret about the mattress: I have a confession to make. I hate to sew and I have no patience for it. The wee mattress I made for the bed is just a piece of foam with a rolled up scrap glued on for a pillow and some fabric glued to the underside.

Standard Bed 1 to 12
Chevron Scroll (coming soon)

White paint
Green paint
Liquid Pearls
Scrap lace